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Convert Heic Images to PDF Format


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Convert Heic Images to PDF Format

Quick Advantages of Converting HEIC Images to PDF

  • Instantly convert images taken with your iPhone
  • Share across all platforms without any format restrictions
  • Do not compromise the actual image quality and resolution
  • Create easily shareable social media graphics in seconds
  • Email your pictures to non-iPhone users

Steps to Merge HEIC Files to PDF

Our PDF tool has a simple design. You can combine pdf files in less than seconds in four simple steps.


Upload HEIC Files

You can simply drag and drop the HEIC files you want to convert OR upload the files from your local storage as well.


Press the “Convert” Button

Once the file is uploaded, hit the convert button and wait for a short while. The HEIC image will instantly be converted to PDF format.


Download Converted File

Right after the conversion process, you can download the converted PDF file with just a click.


Key Features


Finest Tool Online

This is by far the finest tool available online for converting all your HEIC files to PDF in a matter of seconds. It works at lightning-fast speed and doesn’t require any prior login or sign-up at all.


Large File Limit

It can convert even those files bigger in size without any problem. In fact, it allows to upload up to a hundred MB file size. So now, the big file size is not an issue at all with this online HEIC to PDF converter.


Maintains Image Quality

This is probably the biggest advantage of this tool converting HEIC to PDF using this tool does not affect the overall quality and resolution of the original image and stays perfectly intact.


Easy to Use

Another handy feature of this HEIC to PDF converter is its ease of use. We have designed it so simple and smooth that even a beginner and layman can operate it without any difficulty


Free of Cost

This online HEIC to PDF converter is completely free of cost and doesn’t charge you a penny, irrespective of the number of uses and repetitions. Moreover, it doesn’t carry any hidden charges at all.


Completely Safe

In addition to all the above-mentioned perks, the users never compromise the privacy and security of their data and files, no matter what. All uploaded files are instantly erased right after the conversions


What Makes it the Best HEIC to PDF Converter?

  • It is by far the handiest tool for iPhone users, photographers, and even common users.
  • It allows you to convert larger files of up to a 100 MB in size without any problem
  • You can instantly convert all your HEIC images without any delay in logging in or signing up
  • The processing of the tool is blazing fast and converts files in a matter of seconds
  • Its strong cyber checks keep intruders away and complete safety of your files is ensured
  • Its available in 10 languages, bears zero compatibility issues, can be accessed anywhere anytime

Have a Question?

This is an online HEIC to PDF converter tool.

Yes. You can convert up to a 100 MB file using this tool.

Yes. All the features are included in this free version and you do not need to pay any cost at all.

No. This advanced converter does not affect your files' original quality and resolution.

Globally Trusted and Endorsed Converter.

We have hundreds of thousands of happy users worldwide who use our utility and refer to their friends and family. Convert all your HEIC images instantly and free of cost.


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