How to merge PDF files online

How it Works

Merging PDFs is simpler than you think! In a matter of seconds, you can add multiple files to a single PDF document. The PDF merger is completely free and does not require any additional extensions or downloads. To combine multiple files into a single PDF document online, follow the steps outlined below!

how it works

Upload PDF

Click the “Upload PDF Files here” button or drag and drop your files in the box. You can also add files using the OneDrive or Dropbox button.

upload pdf

Click on the MergePDF button

Our PDF merging tool will start combining your PDF files, and the process takes merely a few seconds. You can change the order of pagesor delete them as needed!

Our PDF merging tool will begin combining your PDF files immediately, and the process will only take a few seconds. You can rearrange or delete pages as you see fit!

click on the merge PDF button

Download your merged PDFs

Click the “Download File” button & a dialogue box will appear. Select your desired location to download the merged PDFs & press the “Save” button.

download your merged PDFs